Aniko is one of the pioneers offering PERMANENT MAKEUP IN KITCHENER, Ontario.

It is also known as micropigmentation, that is a procedure applying pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. This state of art can offer subtle encouragement and enhancement to the lip line, eyelash-line and creating natural looking eyebrows with hair strokes filling in missing eyebrow hair. Also offering solution for discoloration of old cosmetic tattooing by choosing the right pigments.

The procedure is performed under topical anesthetics, with a German digital tattoo machine, specifically designed for permanent make-up. Only sterile one time use needles are being used. The pigments are made from FDA approved ingredients, manufactured in Canada, formulated for cosmetic tattooing. You can throw away your eyebrow pencil, and stop your frustration day after day trying to make your eyebrows even, or worry about wiping them off. This is a solution: Wake up with make-up!

Permanent Makeup: Eyebrows

Permanent Makeup: Eye Liner

Permanent Makeup: Lip Liner

Consultation is free of charge.

Eyebrows: $400-$550
Lip liner: $500

A touch-up appointment is recommended 6 weeks after the initial procedure – $50