European Pedicure – $65

A real makeover for your feet!

Trimming and shaping toenails,

removing calluses and cuticles,

massage and nail polish application.

Toenail Brace:

B/S TOENAIL BRACE = painless correction for ingrown toenails

The revolutionary B/S Brace system provides NON-surgical correction for ingrown toenails. It will not only eliminate pain, but also help correct the curvature of the nail. The B/S Brace is a small fiberglass strip that is glued to the nail plate from side to side.  Its tension lifts the sides of the nail by giving relief to those painful corners.  You will feel relief immediately, NO surgery, NO downtime! It is almost invisible, polish can be applied over top.  The strip will grow off with your nail. The B/S Brace procedure will put an end to that nasty toenail pain.

Application on one toenail – $55
Application on both big toenails – $100