The original foot care foams that deliver proven results!


allpresan-01All Allpresan foot care foams are produced without the use of an oily ointment base, they have an airy and light foam consistency and are easy to apply. Absorbs almost immediately, socks can be put on soon after application. The key ingredient is UREA, it is extremely effective to moisturize the skin, keeping the water in the cells without sealing the skin with an oily film, lets the skin “breath”, does not clog pores.  Urea is a natural moisturizer secreted by our own cells, it plays an important role in the health of the epidermis. Allpresan products are suitable and recommended for diabetics.  The diabetic foot and other disorders still receive too little attention and are not adequately treated.  This natural moisturizing agent can improve the quality of treatments. Athletes foot, a fungal skin infection can cause dry, peeling skin too. Allpresan has the solution.  Their anti-fungal foam can cure this problem effectively in a short time.


*All products are free of fragrance, coloring and preservatives


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